Tyild’s Agency

Kate Scarborough, a teacher, author and publisher, is establishing a literary agency – Tyild’s Agency – for teachers past and present who write for children. Knowing how creative, innovative and diffident teachers are about their ideas and wonderful work, she aims to be a guide and champion in the publishing world for those whose talent crosses over from the classroom to the page.

She is looking for submissions from teachers who can and do write for children from 3 to 11 – picture books, first readers and chapter books, with wonderful stories, great characters and vivid worlds, as well as non-fiction across the same age range. The aim is to develop relationships with the writers to help them grow – a model established by Frances McKay with her illustrators’ agency with whom Kate is collaborating. Frances helped to establish the careers of some of our top children’s illustrators.

About Kate

Kate has worked in the children’s publishing industry for 16 years across the disciplines of editing, writing and publishing as well as sales and foreign rights. Her move into teaching was driven by a desire to work directly with children and she learnt an enormous amount that would have been invaluable to her publishing! She taught for 13 years in primary and prep schools and also founded a magazine for children, raising over £300k to publish it onto the general market.

Her working experience has given her exceptional insight into what works for children and how to get it to the market.

The most important goal of all, however, is to share her love of reading and all the joy it brings to her life.

Sending in Submissions

When sending through your submission, please give me some details about you (about half a page) – not a formal CV but an overview of your teaching career, what inspires you, why you write and which children’s authors and books you admire. Let me know if you have been published before or not.

You can send through by email full texts for picture books and early readers, if possible as a pdf attachment to your email. For chapter books for older children, please send in a brief synopsis (a couple of paragraphs – think of it as the cover blurb and a little more) and the first three chapters, again as a pdf attachment. All submissions should be emailed to:

I will acknowledge receipt of your email and hope to get back to you in a month with feedback. Please do not send through submissions if you are not a teacher or educator. Thank you.